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This is not a regular book search where simply book title and author name is matched. This is an intelligent book theme finder! It can suggest you a book to read based on the theme of the book.

You might want a particular scene in the book, simply enter important keywords related to that scene, and the intelligent book finder can suggest you a book which has that scene!

You might want to read about fight inside pyramids, or about murder in a hotel, or about Boy with wolves, or about Girl lost on island, or just about anything else. Simply enter those terms in the search box and hit FIND button

The intelligent ebook theme finder will suggest you books which are similar to that particular theme!

Are you an author? Get your books added in our database for free!

Don't know what to name your book characters? Find a character name here. I got over 21,000 names for you to choose from!

Publisher vocabulary

    An East Indian insectivore . It is arboreal in its habits, and has a bushy tail. The fur is soft, and varies from rusty red to maroon and to brownish black.
    The act of lopping or cutting off, as the head from the body.
    A style of dress prevalent at the time of the French Directory, characterized by great extravagance of design and imitating the Greek and Roman costumes.
    cf. also OE. dysyn to put tow or flax on a distaff, i. 1. To dress; to attire. Beau. & Fl. 2. To dress gaudily; to overdress; to bedizen; to deck out. Like a tragedy queen, he has dizened her out. Goldsmith. To-morrow when the masks shall fall
    1. An additional or fourth name given by the Romans, or account of some remarkable exploit or event; as, Publius Caius Scipio Africanus. 2. An additional name, or an epithet appended to a name; as, Aristides the Just.
    A species of grain much cultivated for food in Germany and Switzerland; -- called also German wheat.
    Inflammation of a bursa.

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